Thursday, September 27, 2012

Recipe: Slow Cooked Round Roast (AKA Paleo Pot Roast)

We used a lot of the goodies from our CSA in tonight’s dinner! This morning I started our protein portion of dinner by filling up our crockpot! I used the onions and the herbs (sage, thyme, oregano) from our CSA along with a grass-fed beef round roast we bought from Whole Foods yesterday. For the sides I roasted some of the zucchini that came in our CSA with olive oil, garlic powder, herbs de provence, fresh cracked black pepper and Himalayan pink salt (which only takes about 15 minutes at 450 degrees). I made a side salad out of the lettuce and yellow cherry tomatoes that came in the CSA and also added red bell pepper and avocado. I dressed by salad with my homemade Garlic Basil Balsamic Vinaigrette… I even ended up topping the salad with the meat-marinated onions from the crockpot. ;-)

Recipe: Slow Cooked Round Roast (AKA Paleo Pot Roast)

What you need:
2 medium sized onions
2 lb grass-fed round roast
Garlic powder
Fresh cracked black pepper
Sea salt
1 Tablespoon coconut oil
2 cups beef broth
½ cup balsamic vinegar

1.) Chop onions and line the bottom of crockpot.

2.) If you are not using grass-fed beef, trim the fat. If you are using grass-fed beef you may leave the fat on. Rub garlic powder, paprika, pepper, and salt on all sides of roast.

3.) Heat skillet to medium-high. When skillet reaches medium-high heat, add coconut oil. Brown the round roast on the two biggest sides (which takes about 1 minute and a half per side).

4.) Place roast on top of the onions in the crock pot. Add beef broth (or broth of your choice), balsamic vinegar, thyme, sage, and oregano.

I left the meat cooking at the low (8 hour) setting. You can cook at whichever heat setting is most convenient for you.

When ready to serve. Slice roast into half inch slices and top with the onions and juice in the crockpot.

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  1. Thanks for your clear and step-by-step directions for your Slow Cooked Round Roast. I've been searching for grass fed roast recipes and this looks great. I'm going to try it.